Choosing a Baby Shower Gift

New arrival coming within your family or friend circle?

Looking to go for that baby shower with an impressive gift?

And you’re left to wonder what is it that the new mom needs or would like?

A new mom maybe as lost as you and the list of things required for a new born is never ending!

Let us help you put your thoughts together to help you on your search for the ideal gift.

Ask if there is a registry :

This is probably the easiest way to start your search for a baby shower gift. A registry or wish list lets you easily determine what the couple needs, what they want and their taste. You can purchase baby gear directly off the registry, or use it as a jumping-off point for finding a unique gift that suits

Boy, girl or a surprise :

When you purchase a baby shower gift, you always want to consider the gender of the baby. While butterflies and kittens are cute for a little girl, they probably won’t be appropriate for a little boy, nor would fire trucks and footballs be for a little girl. If the parents don’t know the gender of the baby, look for baby products in gender-neutral colors and patterns.

Tis the season :

Consider the time of year the baby will be born. Winter babies will need warm, snuggle blankets and accessories to keep them warm, while summer babies willneed lighter options. Ideally baby bedding products act as universal items as you wont be too worried about the size or the baby growing out of them too soon.

Go for practical :

Every new baby will need swaddles, blankets, sleeping bags and crib bedding. Give the parents a hand by purchasing some of these items as a baby shower gift. Itty-bitty outfits and stuffed animals are cute, but practical, everyday items will help the parents take care of their new baby from day to day.

Nursery products are a great option !


New parents receive a lot of newbornclothing as baby shower gifts, but not a lot of nursery products. A baby spends most of its initial months sleeping and first few years in their crib. Creating a fun and comfortable environment for the baby is key. Opting for cute nursery products surrounds them with fun colours and prints hence making it visual treat for them. Also selecting products that are cotton, soft and plush helps them with their restful sleep and enhances their growth.

Check your budget :

Though you may get carried away with the ocean of adorable products available out there, looking for a great value for money option is ideal. At Fancy Fluff, we offer a wide selection of gift boxes based on age, price point and gender.

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