1. Problem: Not sure if baby is hungry.



Source: Women and Newborn Health Services

2.  Problem: Pretty sure baby is teething, but not sure where to put the oragel.



Source: Indiana State Department of Health

3.Problem:Toddler keeps grabbing the wii remote from daddy, and cries when he doesn’t get it.



Source: Cheezburger

 4. Problem: Baby is teething, but the usual tricks don’t work.

Hack: Put a little bit of apple sauce in the middle of a cloth, roll it up, and freeze it. Let baby suck to her heart’s content!



Source: HowDoesShe

5. Problem: Baby or toddler is cranky, and you’re not sure if it’s because of lack of sleep.

Hack: Baby/toddler sleep requirement chart (based on Weissbluth’s Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child).


Source: Baby Center 


6. Problem: Toddler or preschooler won’t. eat. anything.

Hack: Put sprinkles on pretty much everything!


7. Problem: Baby won’t take antibiotics, gripe water or medication.




8. Toddler is fussy and bored and driving you CRAZY.


                      Source: Joyful Abode


9. Problem: Baby is fussy and you suspect it’s gas.


          Source: Mommy Outside the Box

10. Problem: Your toddler still won’t. eat. anything. (and you’re running out of ideas).



                                                                                 Source: Lovely Little Snippets

11. Baby is fussy and you’ve tried everything.

Hack: Try baby accupressure!


                                                                                                     Source: Corcell 

12. Problem: Baby is STILL teething, and nothing is STILL working.

Hack: The Molar Muncher soothes the entire gum line at one time.


                                                                                   Get one here

13. Problem: Your Miracle Blanket is in the wash, and you’re forced to use a regular blanket to swaddle.

Hack: Step-by-step swaddling instructions.


                                                        Source: DIY Father 

14. Problem: Your older toddler or preschooler wakes up too freaking early.

Hack: A children’s alarm clock: When the moon’s out, don’t get out of bed!

                                                                                  Get one here.


15. Baby has a majorly poopy diaper and you don’t want to pull the onesie over his head.

Hack: That’s what lap neck onesies and tee’s are for! Pull the onesie off by bringing the neck down around the shoulders, instead of pulling the shirt over baby’s head.


                                                                                    Source: Babble


16. Problem: Baby wakes often.

Hack: Try ‘The Pause’, a technique frequently used by parents in France. Rather than responding immediately to baby’s cry, give her a moment to see if she can settle back to sleep on her own (or to see if she’s even perhaps just whimpering in her sleep).



                                                                           Source: Dirty Diaper Chic


17: Problem: Baby’s asleep in his crib (for now), and you want to make sure you hear him if (when) he cries.

Hack: Get the Baby Monitor app for your smartphone. Will even send you a text message or phone call when your little one wakes!


                                                      Source: Baby Monitor App on Google Play

18. Problem: Yes, baby is still teething.

Hack: Freeze the nipple of a pacifier in an ice-cube tray filled with formula, breastmilk or water to make a ‘momsicle’.


                                                                           Directions at Mother 2 Mother

19. Problem: Spit-up or puke on your couch.


1. Clean up the worst of the mess

2. Make a paste of baking soda and water

3. Spread generously on stain

4. Allow to dry overnight

5. Vacuum it up!


                                                                                       Source: Pinterest

20. Problem: Baby screams bloody murder when you wash her hair.

Hack:User a baby shower cap.