Get the Perfect Bedding Set for your Cot !

Up until their toddler years, babies spend more time sleeping than awake, so preparing a comfortable sleeping environment should be a priority for any parent. They also grow the most while they are sleep, both physically and mentally – so making sure your baby's bed is as comfy and cosy as possible will help them to get the rest that they so need.

Below is a list of essentials for your baby’s crib/cot :


                                Cot sheets that fit perfectly keep your baby relaxed and happy. It is a proven fact that good bedding materials help babies have a sound sleep. It is important to choose a 100% cotton sheet that is gentle to your baby’s skin. Also make sure that the sheet is big enough to tuck well under the mattress to avoid it from easily coming off while your baby is sleeping or playing in the cot. 

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A baby blanket should be made out of materials that are gentle on sensitive skin and breathable to make sleep comfortable. How do you test to make sure that a blanket is breathable? Look for cotton and avoid synthetic materials if possible.

You also want to make sure that you are buying a blanket that is appropriate to the season. You’ll want to have a heavier blanket for winter and a lighter one for summer. 

Safety is absolutely essential when thinking about baby blankets. Avoid blankets that have loose tassels, fringes, or ribbons; babies can get tangled in them. This becomes slightly less of an issue as baby gets older. 

Baby blanket size is important – you want one that is big enough to keep baby warm, but not so big that the size overwhelms them. Standard blanket size is 45″ by 45″ to 60″. A blanket this size has lots of versatility: it can be used as bedding, a floor mat, or even hung on the wall to decorate baby’s nursery.

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A cot bumper, or a crib liner, is designed to surround the interior sides of baby's crib to prevent her from slipping her limbs through the slats or banging her head accidentally. 

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 Bolsters help to keep your baby warm and avoids the baby from rolling over. It gives a comfortable feel when placed close to a baby while they are asleep. Place a bolster on either side of your baby while in the cot to prevent much movement while asleep.

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Pillow should be filled with the softest and lushest filling to protect your growing baby’s head and providing utmost comfort while sleeping.

They are more of an optional item in a cot and should be generally used after you baby is a year or older.

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