While creating an environment for your baby, colour is very important. Most will choose pastels or the common baby blue and baby pink depending on gender. Expand your horizons and choose something that will help your baby develop into a healthy well rounded child. Colour is extremely powerful as it has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe and even heal.

Colour subconsciously affects our mood, emotions and even health. Its stimulates the mind even greater when combined with other colours, patterns and textures.

So the importance of picking out the right colour for a young child’s environment shouldn’t be underestimated.

Based on our in depth research, our skillfully selected composition of colours will help build specific characteristics to nurture your child’s future growth. Let’s take

         Theme : Bird

Bird – Bird has the ability to create a loving and happy environment. The rhythm here instills creativity, ambition and spiritual strength.




Theme : Chick

Chick – Chick is soothing with a grounding effect that creates a calm and anxiety free environment. The colours enhance learning and promote healthy eating habits.





                                                         Theme : Little Man

Little Man – Little Man invokes feelings of well-being and health. This combination works great for boys and encourages confidence, extroversion and independence.



                                                                     Theme : Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark – Noah’s Ark embodies playful feelings. This curated composition helps increase memory, concentration and motivation.


                                                                             Theme : Princess

Princess / Candy Land–  Princess stands for purity, innocence, softness and radiance. Perfect for your baby girl, this theme combines unconditional love, gentleness.



                                                        Theme : Robot

Robot / Travel– Robot has a calming, deeper inner peace that aids relaxation. The colours stimulate wisdom, strength and clarity.



Babies are born ready to absorb everything around them. The critical stages of development in the first year encourage learning and positive emotional, mental, and physical health. Be sure to create an environment that stimulates the senses, enhances development, and aids in the ultimate goal of restful sleep.